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Welcome to the Indira Brain Festival!

Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) proudly presents the Indira Brain Festival, a groundbreaking initiative born from the visionary mind of Dr. Tarita Shankar. This festival is a testament to our commitment to empowering students with knowledge, confidence, critical thinking skills, and a broader perspective on life and education.

What is the Indira Brain Festival?

The Indira Brain Festival is a unique platform where academic veterans from various fields engage with students to share their expertise and knowledge. This event serves as a golden opportunity for students to enrich their intellectual horizons, boost their self-confidence, and nurture critical thinking abilities. It aims to transcend traditional classroom boundaries and promote holistic education.

The Brainchild of Dr. Tarita Shankar

Dr. Tarita Shankar, the driving force behind the Indira Brain Festival, is a beacon of inspiration. Her visionary leadership has not only transformed the Indira Group of Institutes but has also positively impacted society as a whole. As the originator of this festival, Tarita Mam's dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and her passion for nurturing young minds are at the heart of this remarkable endeavor.

Key Objectives of the Indira Brain Festival

Knowledge Enrichment: The festival seeks to provide students with access to a diverse range of experts and thought leaders who will share their wisdom and experiences.

Critical Thinking: Engaging with experts and exploring new ideas will foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among participants.

Confidence Building: Through interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions, students will have the opportunity to enhance their self-confidence and communication skills.

Broadening Perspectives: The festival encourages students to think beyond the confines of textbooks and classrooms, broadening their perspectives on life and learning.

Join Us at the Indira Brain Festival

We invite students, educators, and anyone passionate about learning to be part of this transformative experience. The Indira Brain Festival promises to be an enlightening journey, opening doors to a world of knowledge and inspiration.

Stay tuned for updates, event schedules, and more on our website. Together, let's celebrate the spirit of learning and innovation at the Indira Brain Festival!

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Mr. Kuldip Singh Sangwan

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Pune, 25th August 2023 - A momentous event took place at the prestigious Indira Group of Institutes (IGI), Pune, as the inaugural Indira Brain Festival commenced with

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The Indira Brain Festival (IBF) took attendees on a cosmic journey like never before, as they had the privilege of hearing from the extraordinary Ms. Leena Bokil,

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