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Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) organized the 11th edition of the Indira Brand Slam Summit and Awards.

Mumbai, Maharashtra – 27th October 2023 – The prestigious Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) organized the 11th edition of the Indira Brand Slam Summit and Awards at the Sahara Star, Mumbai for the first time to grace the completion of 30 years of IGI. The theme for this year was “A Makeover of Marketing and Branding in the New Era”.

Numerous corporate leaders and aspiring management students graced this extraordinary gathering! This dynamic occasion was a remarkable fusion of education and innovation, featuring the prestigious 'Marketing Excellence Awards' that acknowledged the exceptional contributions of top marketing managers, and the 'Dr. Tarita Shankar Excellence Awards for Alumni,' which celebrated the achievements of alumni.

Dr. Tarita Shankar, the Chairperson & Chief mentor of IGI, delivered the event's opening remarks, emphasizing the empowerment of women and how it adds value to the Indira brand, especially as Indira enters its new era with the Indira @40 initiative. The Chief Guest of the event, Mr. M.V.S. Murty, the Chief Marketing Officer at Federal Bank Ltd., shed light on the intricacies of branding and encouraged marketers to become storytellers. The Guest of Honour, Mr. Chetan Wakalkar, Founder of Eduallies Consulting, discussed the importance of technology in brand creation and the significance of personal branding. Marketing Excellence Awardees shared their insightful experiences in line with the event's theme.

Minister Patil, drawing from his extensive experience and leadership in the public sphere, shared invaluable insights into the qualities essential for both professional and personal growth.

Dr. Tarita Shankar, along with Executive Directors, Directors, Deputy Directors, Heads of Departments, faculty members, and students from across IGI, graced this grand occasion.

This remarkable day was a perfect blend of celebration and recognition, demonstrating the institution's unwavering dedication to excellence in education and beyond. It served as a testament to the institution's enduring spirit of innovation and adaptability, ensuring that the legacy of excellence continues to shine brightly in this new era filled with challenges and opportunities.