Indira Global Leadership Lecture Series 

Indira Global Leadership Lecture Series is a framework of objective-driven association with Global Leaders from the international community, who share their exceptional experiences with students of IGI, and pave the way for their advancement in academics, research and international business. Global gains and challenges have a special connotation in the Indian perspective and require immediate considerations. ‘Interdisciplinary Innovations’ frame the hallmark of these series. Speakers in Indira Global Leadership Lecture series are leaders who demonstrate their ideologies for implementing successful global best practices, thus establishing a learning experience for the young professionals at IGI. 

 Indira Global Leadership Lecture Series-2020 

Indira Global Leadership Lecture Series-2020 derives its ideation from the current economic challenge being faced globally. It aims to leverage the expertise and knowledge of global luminaries for enumerating a comprehensive roadmap for emerging from these challenges. It is the honour of Indira Group of Institutes to present alumni from the prestigious Harvard Business School, from the famous OPM (Owner/President Management) Program. This Program encompasses a highly transformative learning experience for entrepreneurial leaders from all parts of the world. OPM program is specially designed for the owners/founders of the businesses.

Honourable Chairperson Indira Group of Institutes, Dr Tarita Shankar, is an alumnus of the recently completed OPM-51 program from Harvard Business School. The speakers for Indira Global Leadership Lecture Series-2020 are luminaries from the OPM batch of 2016-18 and are co-alumni with Dr Tarita Shankar.

 This year’s lecture series has been organized on Virtual platform with the global speakers, to enable students to avail the much-desired learning experience.

 About Indira Group of Institutes, Pune

Indira Group of Institutes, Pune was established in 1994 under the visionary leadership of Dr Tarita Shankar (Chairperson) along with Prof. Chetan Wakalkar (Group Director), with a vision to empower the youth and to foster the development of our country. 

 Since inception, it has been imparting quality education in the field of Management, Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Commerce, Science, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Schooling, etc. It has 13 institutions and more than 12000 students today.

 The Institutes are ranked among Top 30 Colleges in India for Scientific Pedagogy, Holistic Approach, Industry Academia Interface and Campus Placements.

Sr. No. Name Country Designation Company Date Time Topic
1 Mr. Sharath Shanth Dubai, UAE Founder & CEO UCWF Facilities Management 6th Oct 2020 3:30 PM (IST) ‘Surviving the Pandemic and Growing in Turbulence’
2 Dr. Ken Shubin Stein USA Founder & Chairman Cortex Group LLC. 13th Oct 2020 5:00 PM (IST) Choose-How the Mind and Brain influence our Decision making
3 Mr. Chander Agarwal India Managing Director TCI Express Ltd. 15th Oct 2020 11.00 AM (IST) Logistics Industry-Growth & Excellence in Covid times-An insight by Mr. Chander Agarwal
4 Mr. Manish Dhamani Dubai, UAE CEO Dhamani 1969 16th Oct 2020 12.00 PM (IST) Qualities Of Self-Leadership
5 Mr. Mukesh Thakwani Ghana Founder & Chairman B5 Plus Ltd. 19th Oct 2020 4:30 PM (IST) Out of the Box
6 Mr. Shailesh Ranka India Director Ranka Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. 20th Oct 2020 11.30 AM (IST) Start-Up During Crisis-Diversification from family run business to New Generation Technology Start-up
7 Mr. Bhavin Shah India Managing Director Green Electricals Pvt. Ltd. 21st Oct 2020 3.30 PM (IST) Respond Recover Renew
8 Ms. Susie Quesada USA President Ramar Foods Intl. 28th Oct 2020 9.30 AM (IST) How Purpose and Values Drive Success
9 Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary India Managing Director Vikram Solar Ltd. 29th Oct 2020 3.30 PM (IST) Finding The Way Forward
10 Ms Dayala Dagher Hayeck  Lebanon Managing Director and Board Member NATCO SAL 27th Nov 2020 3:30 PM (IST) Managing Your Company, Yourself and Your Family in an Unstable Country


October 7th, 2020

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