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MCA Induction 2012

MCA Induction Programme – 28/8/2012


A program of Induction’12 was organized by Indira Group of Institutes to welcome First year students of MCA and MCS students. The program was conducted by collaborative efforts of ICEM, Parandwadi- MCA Dept., ICCS- Dept. of MCA, MCS and IIMP-MCA Dept. The objective of the program was to orient students towards Indira culture and make the students aware about current trends in IT. All the students, being from IT background, were introduced to the various traits of IT in business including finance, automobile, education, etc.

The program started at 10 AM by lamp lighting ceremony in the esteemed presence of Chief guest Mr. Vinay Santurkar, Engineering Director, Sybase (SAP), IGI group Director Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Prof. R. V. Kulkarni (Principle ICEM), Dr. Rupa Hiremath (Director, ICEM-MCA), Prof. Janardan Pawar (Vice-Principle, ICCS), Prof. Poorna Shankar (Vice-Principle, ICEM).

The program was followed by an inspirational speech by Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director, and IGI. Sir explained the meaning of Olympics 2012 logo and narrated how one can adopt in the life to reach high in the career path. He said CITIUS means Faster where one can adopt the pace to achieve balance among business models and formats, technology and society. ALTIUS means Higher where one has to decide how higher he can reach as per his capabilities and FORTIUS means stronger by means of which a man can strengthen his IQ, EQ, SQ and PQ!

Chief guest Mr. Vinay Santurkar narrated different quotes of Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers. He guided to follow ones heart and live this journey on own terms, not to be discouraged by Naysayers, to think unconventionally, to make each day count and not to chase money but let money chase you.

The program was followed by felicitation of chief guest by Prof. Chetan Wakalkar.

Dr. Rupa Hiremath delivered the vote of thanks for the first half session.

The post lunch session was started by welcoming the next speaker Mr. Prashant Pawar at the hands of Prof. Janardan Pawar.

Mr. Prashant Pawar delivered inputs on IT Industry Outlook and Career Avenues. He educated student audience about IT industry outlook including Worldwide Offshore IT services and IT service breakup and focus area, Career Avenues for IT students and Expectations and Way forward.

The session was followed by felicitation of Mr. Prashant Pawar at the hands of Prof. Dr. Punam Bhoyar.

Next session in the series was a speech by Mr. Omkar Panse which was based on Infotainment to add music and excitement to one’s career. With the help of rich hands on experience Mr. Omklar narrated how In-Vehicle Infotainment attracts largest investments by Carmakers within automotive electronics. Further Sir added how KPIT Infotainment practice offers opportunities across a spectrum of infotainment areas.

The session was followed by felicitation of Mr. Omkar Panse by Prof. Poorna Shankar.

Dr. Punam Bhoyar delivered a precise yet concise vote of thanks at the end to summarize the activities of a successful day of Induction!

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