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Indira College: The Best AICTE Approved College

If you want to take admission in a college, the first thing that you should check if a particular college has AICTE approval. This in itself would be the best thing to know, as there are several rules and regulations laid by AICTE for granting approval to a program offered by an institute. It would follow a standardized course curriculum, have the required infrastructure, staff and faculty members and various other things needed for the all round development of students.


Apart from having AICTE approval, check if the college has a good reputation amongst the recruiters. One such college that has established a good name and has AICTE approval is Indira College. The college offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The placement record of the college is quite impressive. As the college has the necessary approvals and affiliations, the students are sure to get quality education.


The infrastructure of the college is something that speaks volumes about the quality of education. The classrooms are spacious and modern, the Wi-Fi zones make internet access easy, and the library is equipped with books, encyclopedias, periodicals and journals for the reference of the students. Some other facilities include gym and fitness center, amphitheater, conference center, a huge auditorium, etc.


The focus of the management college is on the overall development of the students. Their managerial skills and leadership skills are sharpened during the program and by the time they are ready to leave the college, they are ready to take up the challenges posed by their jobs. The management college has a very good ranking at the national level and this too shows the reputation of the college. The faculty members and the students have won several accolades and awards, making the institute proud of them.


Thus, when you start looking for good AICTE approved colleges, you can place Indira on top of your list. Here you will get a chance to gain the knowledge required to fulfill your career aspirations. After you get admission in a program of your choice, you will have to work hard throughout to excel in academics and the co-curricular activities.

Business Schools in Pune: Are you ready for the Commitment?

When you start planning to take up business education, you should try to evaluate why you want to take it up and what future prospects this program would bring in your career. You should also check if you have the time to commit yourself to the program as most of them are full-time programs and go on for two years. There are several ways to analyze your decisions before you come to a conclusion. Evaluate the following factors while considering take up admission in a B-School:


Time and commitment: When you start preparing for your CAT exams, you should find out what kind of program you would like to choose. If you are a working professional, you may not want to quit your job and take up admission in a full-time MBA program; you may want to pursue part time or online courses. If you have recently completed your graduation and can dedicate two years to your academics, then you can take up a full-time course. So, find out the mode of education that would suit you.


Why Business Education:Another thing that students should check is why they want to take up a particular program. Some of you might want to take up a degree in education for better job opportunities. Taking up business degree only for better job could make you frustrated after joining the course if you do not have a good idea of what lies ahead. Before you join a college, find out more about the programs that interest you. There are many subjects in which you can choose to specialize in for example, communication, real estate, hospital management, human resources, finance etc.


How to Compare Business Schools: If you have preferred cities where you would like to get your degree from, it may be easy for you to shortlist the colleges you like. For example, there may be many good business schools in Pune, but you would like to choose one that suits your needs. For this, you can make a checklist of the things you would like to see in a good college. Check the placement history, the qualification and experience of faculty members, the infrastructure facilities and the reputation of the B schools you shortlist, and then compare them.


Taking up a degree in business education is big decision. You should take up courses that interest you and the colleges that have good reputation. Although there are many business schools in Pune and other cities, very few impart quality education, or have managed to build a good reputation. So before invest your time and money in any management college, do check a few relevant things about the college.

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Indira Common Admission Process 2014