Indira Brand Slam | 3rd Indira Brand Slam – 2014
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3rd Indira Brand Slam – 2014

There has been a sea change in the way marketing and branding activities used to happen a decade ago and the way they are happening now. Multiplicity of brands and cluttering of conventional media is distinct in the contemporary times. However, evolution of digital media and ever increasing internet penetration has brought solace to the marketing fraternity. While digitial media offers cost effective and personalized communication solutions, it also apparently fringes upon the privacy of consumers. While consumers seem to love personal digital experience, they also want to avoid bombardment of information and intrusion of their privacy.

Against above background, there are companies who have successfully leveraged the digital media in building brands. Yet, there are companies who look up to digital media to make it an integral part of their branding strategy. Indira Group of Institutes pioneered “The Indira Brand Slam Summit” in 2012 to bring in the new knowledge of marketing to classrooms. After the huge success of the two summits, Indira Group of Institutes proudly hosted the third edition of the summit on 17th Oct’2014. The Theme identified for this year’s summit was: “Branding in the Digital Era”. To recognize the talent, Indira Group of Institutes presented the Indira Consumer Choice Awards (INCAA) this year.

Like previous years, this year also the Indira Brand Slam Summit witnessed the Marketing Honchos of the corporate World gracing this occasion. This was an opportunity for the budding managers, the teaching and research fraternity of Indira to peep into the contemporary marketing and branding activities aimed at the discerning.

This year’s Brand Slam Summit witnessed 20 corporates from different industries from Retail , Information Technology, Media and  Supply chain to name a few.
The Summit started with the opening address by Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson, IGI followed by address by Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director, IGI.

This was followed by the First set of Indira Consumer Choice Awards. The first session was by Mr. Vinit Goenka – National Co-Convener, Information Technology Cell- BJP. He spoke about the Uniqueness of the medium of communication by citing real life examples from earlier days when Gandhiji used print media to communicate with the people; Ronald Regan used television as a medium of communication and the recent example of how President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the Internet effectively to communicate.

He highlighted the point that selection of medium of communication can only be effective if it is used appropriately.

The session was followed by a Panel Discussion on “Branding through Social Media” which was moderated by Dr. Pandit Mali, Director – Indira Institute of Management, Pune.

After the session, the other awardees shared their experiences with the audience about how Digital media has changed the way they do business.

Post lunch the Second set of Indira Consumer Choice Awards was conferred followed by interactive sessions by the awardees.