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Friday, 28 September saw the Indira Group of Institutes’ auditorium reverberating to the applause of a nearly 400 strong audience comprising of MBA students, faculty and invitees as 21 global super performers in their own areas of specialization, hailing from countries as diverse as Malaysia, Australia, Srilanka, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, South Africa, Sudan , Bangladesh – walked up to the dais to receive their recognition.   Representing the gamut of industries from manufacturing to banking and financial services, airlines, oil exploration and broadcasting, it was a virtual pot pourri of talent as each winner spoke of his passion and his/ her take on the secrets of their success. While thanking the organizers, the speakers gave valuable advice to the students on what they needed to do to succeed in the cutthroat world of competition, with borders shrinking in the business arena.

Prominent among the winners was Mr Wahid Mehrinfar Executive Principal & Chief Brand Futurist, Vahid Associates Brand Futurists based in UAE, a Harvard Graduate and internationally renowned designer who felt that the future belonged to those who could innovate and present customers with a choice not just in products but in service too. Speaking feelingly about his love for India, he expressed his desire to train the Engineering students of Indira on Innovation in the future. “If reincarnation is true, I would like to be born again in India…..’ and added after a pause, ‘…as Shahrukh Khan!” Mrs Uzma Ghaus, General Manager, HR, Pakistan International Airlines, stole the hearts of the audience when she made a passionate plea for greater people-to-people contact between Pakistan and India since the ongoing exchange of ideas and people between the two countries is bringing about a positive change in the way we responded to one another in the two countries. Mrs Ghaus was among the three women who were felicitated at the function.

The post lunch session was devoted exclusively to interaction between  the winners and  the students of Indira Group, which saw some scintillating exchanges between the dais and the audience, prompting one of the speakers to acknowledge that he was carrying back a lot more than just the Award from Indira to his home country, to resounding applause from the appreciative audience!

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Indira Common Admission Process 2014